Location: Braintree - Great Notley
17th March 2017

World storytelling day fun and games

We all had so much fun celebrating world story telling day. All the children and staff dressed up as favourite story characters.

Dragonflies -

Our babies really enjoyed the bear story sack. They all go to hold the props and they all especially liked the soft bear!

Butterflies -

The 1-2's had a lovely 'were going on a bear hunt' story scene. The children experimented with the 'snow and sticks'  and helped to re-tell the story. The sand tray housed a tiger who came to tea and the children fed the tiger with all the play-food! The water tray had 'a bucket full of dinosaurs' and the children loved washing them and talking about the much loved story.

The children were also very excited to make gingerbread men after listening to the ginger bread man story! Yummy!

Ladybirds -

Our 2-3's also had lots of fun and had a Gruffalo scene complete with sticks and grass, just like the woodland that we meet the creatures in. They enjoyed threading hungry caterpillar fruit and printing and sticking with Elmer the Elephant.

Caterpillars -

The rising threes enjoyed their day too and read and listened to the spaceman story cd. They talked about their planet display and the different planet names together. The children also made up their own stories using the puppets and told familiar ones too.

Pre-school -

The 3-5's were extremely lucky and had a surprise 'little red riding hood play' performed for them by the pre-school adults. The Scary wolf ate the grandma and the woodcutter saved the day. The children all told little red riding hood to be careful!

The children had the opportunity to find 'wheres Wally' in the sand tray with the magnifying glasses and to create their own story book covers too. The children had the stick man story on the play dough table and re-told the story to their friends. The children listened to a story in another language and also did a hungry caterpillar fruit printing. The children counted their prints and made sure it matched the story correctly!

We had lots of fun celebrating this festival - we are all now looking forward to Red Nose Day when we will be holding a cake sale and a Red day!

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