About Busy Bees

We started Busy Bees 35 years ago because we wanted to provide exciting, innovative care for our children, in an environment that presented plentiful opportunities for play, interaction and development, at their own pace and in their own space, simply because we wanted them to have the best possible start in life.

We created a nursery environment that was safe, and learning opportunities were always plentiful. We recruited staff with passion, enthusiasm and a never-ending commitment to the children. Parents were always reassured that their child was happy, because their emotional needs were met, their interests were nurtured and their individuality was respected.

We continue to preserve this ideal in all of our nurseries today and there really is something about a Busy Bees child that sets them apart. They are happy, sociable, confident, independent, creative and unique.  They love to explore and try new things and are challenged each and every day in all kinds of little ways.

We work hard to make sure our children have the right skills for school. Each child is unique and we individually nurture each and every one to make sure they are the best they can possibly be.

At Busy Bees we have used our experience, spanning four decades, to create and innovate, a childcare experience parents won’t find anywhere else. At Busy Bees we feel very privileged that we have some amazing people working with us, our team strives to provide the best service to our families and we will never tire of this. Over the past 35 years I have been able to work with some amazing people to give children the best start in life.

Marg Signature

Marg Randles, Co-founder