Being Healthy

Children attending Busy Bees nurseries will experience a variety of healthy balanced and nutritious foods. The quality of foods served in our nurseries is such that we believe it will give them all of the energy they need for a busy day of play, learning and development.

Menus are carefully planned and freshly prepared on site by our chefs. Menus are displayed in our nurseries and on our website and our chefs work closely with parents if there is a specific dietary requirement to their child.

A typical day at Busy Bees starts off with breakfast followed by an mid morning snack of fruit . A healthy two course lunch follows around mid day, some days we have a starter and main meal and other days we have a main meal and dessert and just before tea time another fruit snack with a cup of milk is offered.

Tea time is around 4pm where the children experience another healthy two course meal. Busy Bees makes every effort to make meal times fun and an opportunity to learn. Meals are served family style, so that children can experience the social aspects of meal times, setting the table, talking about the foods they are about to eat and then clearing away after themselves

Busy Bees believe in educating children about food to encourage them to make healthy choices. Please take time to look through our Catering Website.

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