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Fruity Kebabs

Fruity Kebabs

Resources needed

  • Plastic straws (good quality ones, so they will not bend too easily)
  • A variety of soft fruits such as bananas, strawberries, grapes, different types of melon.


Description of activity

Cut a variety of your child’s favourite fruits (and perhaps some they are not so keen on!) into manageable sized pieces.

Offer them on a plate with the straws. Demonstrate to your toddler how to push the fruit onto the straw to make a tasty snack!

Learning opportunities for the children

This activity will support children in their fine motor development. It may also encourage them to try new textures and tastes; food is a lot more fun when you’ve made it yourself!

Extensions for the activity

Your toddler may enjoy dipping their finished kebab in yogurt or using a spoon to drizzle on some honey! All of these activities will support in the development of their fine motor skills. 

If threading the fruit is a bit difficult for your toddler, encourage them to make their own fruit salad by scooping prepared fruit into their own plastic cup.

You could even make a fruity fondue where you toddler can use a fork to get their fruit and then dip it into yogurt or even melted chocolate! Yummy!