Grow Your Own

Growing for a Healthy Future

Since the start of 2010, Busy Bees have delivered a fun and exciting gardening programme throughout our nurseries called 'Grow Your Own'.

The hands-on programme brings children closer to the outdoors by encouraging them to grow fruit and vegetables in their nursery garden, teaching them about all sorts of fun, like lifecycles, recipes and how fruit and vegetables help their bodies grow big and strong.

Children at Busy Bees Nurseries help to plant and water their crops, and take part in discussions on healthy living and life cycles. The children measure and monitor the growth of their food, before helping to prepare their fruit and vegetables for eating as part of a tasty meal!

Growing fruit and vegetables is not only exciting for children, but also helps give us control over the produce we provide. Home grown fruit and vegetables offer no pesticides, no genetic modification, more flavour and a reduction in pollution created by transport.

'Grow your Own' follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which states that early years settings should 'provide suitable experiences for young children to enable them to understand what healthy living is.' Growing and nurturing vegetables from seeds or cuttings encourages the skills needed to ensure the plants grow, including communication, physical development, problem solving and personal development.

Busy Bees believes that practitioners in early year's settings need to be good role models for young children in leading a healthy lifestyle, this will help them develop later in life, when they take responsibility for making their own decisions on maintaining their health and well-being.

Now Busy Bees parents can bring this exciting activity into their homes with Busy Bees 'Grow Your Own at Home' pack. The exclusive pack, supported by Gardening Direct, contains helpful hints on how to start growing your own fruit and vegetables, as well as Parsley and Green Bean seeds to get them started. Not only that, but we have also included fun activity puzzles so that your little ones can bring their outdoor experiences inside! For more information, ask the Nursery Manager at your local Busy Bees Nursery.