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From 07:30 to 18:00 Mon - Fri

Cares for children aged

0 - 5 years

Welcome to our nursery...

Your child has amazing potential and we understand that our role is to nurture your child, help to inspire and build their self-confidence, and develop an ‘I Can’ attitude to life.

Children love smiles and laughter. They love enthusiasm. They love to be challenged, and they love to explore.

We encourage, we never discourage. We always try to say yes and try to avoid saying no. We challenge and we praise at every opportunity, always congratulating and celebrating effort rather than achievement.

We work every day to nurture each child’s self-belief, help each child to find their voice and each child to build their self -confidence, so they can thrive and realise their potential.

At Scamps every day is a great day; windy days, sunny days, rainy days and snowy days. Whatever the weather we like to splash, slide, run, jump, build, scramble, climb, laugh, learn, get messy and then get clean. Every day HAS to be a great day!

Why you'll love our nursery...

Based in 44 acres of beautiful parkland it is the Perfect Location, children love to be outside.

Located in Macclesfield’s South Park, there are no cars, so no car fumes, particulates or toxins for the children to inhale, only super healthy fresh air. And no matter what the weather, the doors to each of the rooms own outdoor play areas, are always open. Even in the rain or snow, Puddle Suit, wellies, hat and gloves, nothing stops us!

We are committed to providing the very best care and education for all of our children, and we cannot do that without having the highest quality staff, with years of experience caring for babies, toddlers, tweenies and pre-schoolers.

Our superstar team is a mix of experience, expertise and youthful energy.