Busy Bees Child Nutrition Course

City And Guilds

There is a demand for nutritious and healthy foods, and the importance of providing children with a balanced diet is becoming increasingly evident. Head Chefs producing food for children need to understand the link between diet and health.

With this in mind Busy Bees went about designing a tailor made course to offer to their chefs. This accredited qualification is designed to develop their knowledge and understanding of the links between food, nutrition and health, particularly with young children where the demands of meeting high energy requirements, big vitamin intakes and avoiding ingredients like salt and sugar – two things most chefs use in abundance, can be very challenging.

As a result the aim is that by the time Chefs have completed the course they will be able to support and advise Managers, staff and parents in an attempt to clear the mind field of information being given at present.

Now in its fourth year of rotation the enthusiasm from our chefs is as strong as ever with the company and demand for the course growing year by year Busy Bees have responded and are now running the course in four separate locations in 2014 meaning that more chefs are able to attend that ever before.

Busy Bees Practical Master Class

After the success of the nutrition course and with the focus on producing as much food as possible on site, using fresh raw ingredients in 2014 Busy Bees launched the Practical Master Class. Again gaining accreditation from outside the company we aim to give our chefs a wide skill spectrum as well as giving them the knowledge and skills to get the most out of the ingredients they use meaning that the meals being provided to the children in our care not only taste great but are also packed with as much goodness as possible.

This course was designed to develop a further knowledge and understanding of how to make a range of items from scratch and then how to implement this within a nursery kitchen. As a result the aim is that by the end of the course, Busy Bees Chefs will be able to support Managers in providing children with the highest quality freshly made food, being able to utilise all the vitamins and nutrients that could otherwise be lost and controlling the quantity of unwanted ingredients including salt and sugar. Other key allergens that can be found in a wide range of foods can also be easily controlled making it easier for our chefs to cater for children with these needs but also allowing these children to eat the same or very similar foods to the other children in the nursery so they don’t feel isolated from their peers.

Kitchen Staff will also have the confidence to interact with parents on a one to one level, sharing ideas on simpler ways to cook healthy food in a way that can fit into busy lifestyles.

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