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Pom Pom Drop

Resources needed

  • Small wall/door area in or out doors
  • Pom poms in a variety of sizes and colours
  • Tubes in a variety of lengths and widths
  • Paint to colour the tubes to match the pom poms
  • Container to catch the pom poms in.


Description of activity

This activity can be with an individual child or a small group.
Children to share all the pom poms.
To colour match the pom poms to the coloured tubes and drop through.


Learning opportunities for the children

Recites numbers in order.
Can colour match.
Counts objects to ten.
Uses language of more and fewer.
Can use  language to talk about size, shape and colour.


Extensions for the activity

Arrange tubes in length order.
Recites numbers in order, more than ten.
Use other colourful toys such as lego/Duplo.
Use children sized  pincers to add fun in handling the pom poms/toys to drop through the tubes.