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Babble to Chatter Enhancement

The Busy Bees ‘Babble to Chatter’ learning enhancement has been designed by the Busy Bees Childcare Team to support nursery staff in nurturing children’s language within our nurseries.

Language and communication are key aspects of development and have always been at the heart of practice within all Busy Bees nurseries. To develop this further we have launched the Babble to Chatter programme to link all of the good practice that is already in place within our nurseries and support staff, in learning more information about this aspect of development.  

Babble to Chatter was launched with practitioners through an interactive conference and is endorsed by renowned Early Years Educator and author Elizabeth Jarman. Elizabeth specialises in developing highly effective learning environments for children and is the creator of the Communication Friendly Spaces approach. Language expert Elizabeth Jarman has endorsed our Babble to Chatter learning enhancement that was written and created by our Busy Bees team of childcare experts. 

This programme is designed to support children to become confident in all aspects of  language, while giving an understanding of the reasons behind the activities which are currently in place at our nurseries, as well as introducing new ones……and we know it will be fun too! 

The pack is designed to support staff in all aspects of speech development and has a wide range of activities for children from birth to pre-school, which they can enjoy participating in whilst developing their skills in language.

At Busy Bees it is our commitment to provide high quality care and learning experiences for all children and that lies at the heart of all we do; our children deserve the very best start to life. 

Just like the buildings in which we live and work, strong foundations are required in order for buildings to evolve, survive and accommodate those within them. Our children are more important than buildings and their brains require strong foundations for development, through which the architecture of the brain can shape and grow.  

The Babble to Chatter parent guide is available at our nurseries and is designed to help you to understand what your child will be taking part in during their time at nursery. It also gives you handy hints and tips that you can try at home to continue their education experience beyond the nursery environment.

Activity To Try At Home! 

Noise is all around us and this can be distracting and confusing for children when they are being taught new things. 

•    Turn off any distracting noises
•    Walk around with the child listening for noises, point out any noises you can hear with the relevant sound
•    Find noises which you can hear such as a radio, children’s toys, baby crying

To extend the child’s learning go out into the garden and see if you can hear the birds or listen out for the cars. Talk about the sounds you can hear and what type of noises the birds are making.

Please contact your Nursery Manager to learn more about our Babble to Chatter and Beyond learning enhancement, we look forward to sharing this with you further! 


Babble to Chatter