Investors In People

Busy Bees are committed to supporting the development of their employees, who are encouraged to improve their own and others performance.

Our employees should be able to believe their contribution to the company is recognised as Busy Bees are wholly committed to ensuring equality of opportunity in the development of its employees.

The organisation has a plan with clear aims and objectives, which are understood by everyone, and the development of our employees is in line with the organisation’s aims and objectives.

The development of employees improves the performance of the organisation, teams and individuals who then understand the impact that this development has on the performance of the organisation, teams and individuals, therefore the organisation gets better at developing its employees.

At Busy Bees we continually work to make life as rewarding and stress-free for our staff. 

Our director of early years, Lisa Snell has written a blog discussing our recently introduced system that sees our practitioners do less paperwork than ever before. You can read the full blog here.

Busy Bees Investor In People