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Problem Solving to Mathematics

Problem Solving to Mathematics

The Busy Bees ‘Problem Solving to Mathematics’  learning enhancement has been designed by the Busy Bees Childcare Team to support nursery staff in nurturing children’s mathematical development within our nurseries. 

Busy Bees know that developing a firm understanding of mathematical concepts in the early years supports children in becoming confident and capable as they progress through school. The ‘Problem solving to mathematics’ enhancement was inspired by recent research which revealed that almost a quarter (24.2%) of children in England failed to achieve at least the expected level in mathematics at the end of the early years foundation stage between 2014 and 2015.[1]
The programme links theory with practice; sharing tips and ideas for all of the children, from our inquisitive problem solving babies to our mathematically minded pre-schoolers. By using ‘Problem Solving to mathematics’ within our nurseries we can build on the already good mathematical teaching taking place and provide even more exciting and innovative activities to ensure all children have the best start in their mathematical education. 

Busy Bees are delighted to announce that world renowned educator and one of the directors of the National Literacy Support Project, Neil Griffiths is endorsing the project. Neil said:

"We find ourselves in difficult times with concerns that many young children are not acquiring the important mathematical skills needed for their future daily lives.

Busy Bees however have shown themselves to be at the forefront of the movement to improve children's understanding and interest in the subject.

This rigorous, yet highly flexible pack expects practitioners to extend their own knowledge and grasp of mathematics and deliver it with renewed confidence and enthusiasm. Busy Bees are to be congratulated for the efforts they are making to create the next generation of enthusiastic, confident and passionate mathematicians."

The Problem Solving to Mathematics parent guide is available at our nurseries and is designed to help you to understand what your child will be taking part in during their time at nursery. It also gives you handy hints and tips that you can try at home to continue their education experience beyond the nursery environment.

Activity to try at home

This easy activity can liven up your trip to nursery and is easy to simplify or extend depending on the age of your child. Through this activity you can promote mathematical concepts such as classifying, predicting, calculating and counting!

On your way to and from nursery, see if you and your child can identify different types of transport.
•    Before you set off, encourage your child to predict what they will see more of; cars or buses? Which colour of vehicle will they see most frequently?
•    Count how types of vehicle / colour of vehicle they see
•    Name each type so your child can start to understand classifying
•    Talk to your child about the size of the vehicles; which one is the biggest / smallest? Can they think of one that is even bigger / smaller?
•    Can they see any numbers on the different vehicles? Which ones can they see?
•    How many cars / buses etc. did you see all together?

This new learning enhancement will be launched in three phases to all of our 250 nurseries in the UK. The first phase launch took place on Tuesday 2nd February 2016, and will be delivered to more nurseries across a further two launches in the coming months. Please contact your Nursery Manager to learn more about our Problem Solving to Mathematics learning enhancement - we look forward to sharing this with you!

Busy Bees operate 379 nurseries nationwide, from Kettering to Leeds Colton Mill to St Albans Hatfield Road.