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Talent Exchange Programme

The exchange programme was established following the continued global growth of the company which now has nurseries in Canada, Australia and South East Asia. Since its inception, Busy Bees colleagues from around the globe have joined forces to learn from one another.

The first Talent Exchange Programme was launched in 2016 to help share best practice and showcase the Busy Bees culture across the network. In its first year, nursery staff from Singapore and Malaysia visited the UK and this was followed by a reciprocal visit of 10 UK staff in 2017. Last year the UK hosted employees from Canada, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.

This year, six Busy Bee's staff members from the UK & Ireland, along with Busy Bee's staff from Canada, Singapore and Malaysia, will travel to Australia for three weeks.

While the exchange provides a fantastic opportunity for the travelling nationals, it is equally beneficial for the host country's staff, who will gain insight from the cultural differences that the travelling staff will share around childcare practices, curriculum and policies.

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Busy Bees staff benefiting from the Talent Exchange Programme
Colleagues from Australia, Canada and Singapore visit Busy Bees National Support Centre in the UK