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Friendship Books for Children

Five reassuring books about making friends and encouraging social skills.

Published: 29/03/2023

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I’m sure you remember your first day of school, it seems like such a big place, with so many names and faces to take in! That being said, one of the best things about starting a new nursery or school has to be making new friends.  

Whether your little one is starting nursery or primary school, there are bound to be nerves.  

A great way of communicating about worries or milestones is by reading stories on the subject with your little one. These books on building friendships will support your child in knowing and understanding that they aren’t the only person feeling that way, and there are ways of managing.  

Below are five reassuring books for children about making friends, encouraging their social skills, and meeting new people. 

1. Hello, Friend

Suggested Age: 3-5 Years.

This heart-warming picture book by Rebecca Cobb is a perfect read for little ones who may be starting school or nursery and may be feeling anxious about making friends.  

In the book, a little girl is determined to befriend a boy in her class, who seems very shy. Her persistence and kindness eventually pays off, as she gains a new friend. 

‘Hello, Friend’ is a fantastic book about friendship, discussing feelings of feelings, fears, and consent.  

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2. Meesha Makes Friends 

Suggested Age: 3-6 Years. 


Shortlisted in 2021 for The Oscar Book Prize, Meesha Makes Friends by Tom Percival is a beautiful book highlighting that not all children find it easy to make friends.  

The vivid images and emotive language carefully illustrate the difficulties some people have making and keeping friends, as well as relating to other people and finding their space in the world.  

Percival has created a series of books called the Big Bright Feelings series, which can help with a range of topics and milestones children might face.  

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3. Elmer’s Friends

Suggested Age: 0-5 Years. 


For over 30 years, Elmer has been loved by children – and this continues in ‘Elmer’s Friends’, which highlights that each person has their own individual personality and differences.  

Follow Elmer the patchwork elephant on his friendship-making journey, which gives ideas to children about how to appreciate people for all of their different strengths.  

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4. This is Our House

Suggested Age: 5-7 Years.  


'This is Our House' is a lovely story about a young boy who won’t let others join his game for various reasons – he says it isn't for girls, small people, twins, people with glasses, or people who like tunnels.  

Written by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Bob Graham this book opens up discussion about empathy, looking at similarities and differences as well as resolving conflict etc. 

If you’re looking books on friendship that also introduce and help a child understand the importance of sharing, this gentle tale for preschoolers could be just the one. 

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5. Be a Friend

Suggested Age: 3-6 Years.  


‘Be a Friend’ is a heartwarming story of self-acceptance, courage and unbreakable friendship for anyone who has ever felt “different”. 

This book, written by Salina Yoon shares a simple message in a warm, creative way, and will illustrate to children the power of individuality, and that people will always find friends who like you them just the way you they are.  

If you’re searching for friendship books to reassure a child who is nervous about finding new friends, this charming story could be perfect. 

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We hope that our selection of beautiful books about friendship will paint making new friends in a positive light for your little one.  

For more recommendations on books for milestones your child may be going through, check out our blog.