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Kids 1st Nurseries are a part of the Busy Bees Group, and we are well-known throughout the North East of England for providing the highest quality childcare in the region.

In the main our Centres are purpose-built and are designed to provide an exciting child-friendly environment, where children feel safe, secure, and excited to learn. Each Kids 1st Centre has an outdoor play area, designed to maximise children's learning and nurture children's love of the outdoors.

Kids 1st are committed to delivering Excellence in Childcare and recognise that having the right staff in the right position is key. We pride ourselves in employing the very best staff, continuously supporting the professional development of our staff team.

At Kids 1st we firmly believe we provide children with the very best start in life.

Hi I’m Kelly Walsh and I am the Managing Director at Kids 1st.

At Kids 1st we pride ourselves in providing children with the very best start in life, by creating unique environments where the children in our care thrive and are eager to learn. We celebrate the individuality of each and every child, igniting children's curiosity to learn. We endeavour to do this by offering a broad and balanced curriculum delivered by a highly motivated and passionate staff team. Your child deserves the best and Kids 1st provide it.

Kelly Walsh

Our People

Our people

Each Centre is Managed by an experienced Centre Director, who have all been nurtured throughout their professional journey at Kids 1st to become an experienced and dedicated Centre Director. Promoting from within ensures that staff are fully invested in the vision of Kids 1st which is to provide excellence in childcare. Each Centre has a dedicated staff team who provide high standards of care and education on a day-to-day basis, helping children to grow and develop in an environment which is both safe and stimulating. Continuous professional development is of utmost important to us, and our staff teams are fully invested in this.

Food and Nutrition

Eating well

Our well-balanced, seasonal menus are NHS accredited and freshly prepared each day by our expert chefs. To nurture your child's independence, we'll encourage them to serve themselves and decide what they'd like to eat. They'll have the chance to try foods from all kinds of cultures too.

Our learning programmes


At Kids 1st we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which supports children’s development and learning from birth to 5 years of age. Kids 1st deliver a curriculum which is both broad and balanced, incorporating children's individual interests to ensure learning is both exciting and individual to the child. Our aim is to help and encourage each child to develop to their full potential, igniting their interest and curiosity to learn.