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Montessori by Busy Bees brings together the best of Busy Bees with everything you love about Montessori childcare.

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In our Montessori nurseries and schools, you’ll find beautiful spaces designed to nurture your child's creativity and independence. In these special surroundings, we treat every child as an individual, encouraging them to explore, experiment, and learn at their own pace. And to make sure your child has everything they need to prepare for school, we blend the Montessori programme with elements of the early learning foundation stage (EYFS) curriculum for a well-rounded experience.

Just as you'd expect from Busy Bees, it's our people that really set us apart; their warmth and empathy creates the most wonderful, loving environments where every child can thrive. We'd love to give your child their best start in life. If you'd like to know more, just book a visit.


Hello. I'm Nitin, the Montessori Managing Director at Busy Bees.

At our nurseries and primary school, we've combined the Montessori philosophy with everything parents and children love about Busy Bees.

You'll notice the little differences the moment you step through our doors, from the bespoke furniture - crafted by Maria Montessori's own carpenter - to the loving atmosphere. I'm lucky to work with the most incredible team of childcare professionals, whose natural warmth and openness make every day special. Their passion and dedication, as well as their love for the children at our nurseries, is clear to see.

At Montessori by Busy Bees, we believe in giving every child their very best start in life. Book a visit to see for yourself what makes us different, and if you have any questions, please – just get in touch.


Our People

Brilliant people

We fill our teams with the kindest, most passionate, and most highly trained people we can find, because the best education comes from the best teachers. It's their job to teach and care for your child, providing the guidance they need to express themselves and grow as individuals.

Food and Nutrition

Eating well

Our well-balanced, seasonal menus are NHS accredited and freshly prepared each day by our expert chefs. To nurture your child's independence, we'll encourage them to serve themselves and decide what they'd like to eat. They'll have the chance to try foods from all kinds of cultures too.

Our learning programmes

Child-led learning

Dr. Maria Montessori's unique approach to education gives children the space and freedom to learn at their own pace. By blending her progressive Montessori learning programme with the early years foundation stage (EYFS) curriculum, we've created a place where every child can flourish.

Maria Montessori

“The education of a small child, does not prepare him for school but for life”

Maria Montessori