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Settling In

Starting nursery can be an emotional time, for parents as well as children. We understand completely, and want to give you reassurance and peace of mind.

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Every child settles in to nursery differently. We’ve got decades of experience in making it as calm and enjoyable as possible, with a special settling in scheme to make it a little easier.

We love to welcome you to come along to your child’s first settling in session, so you can be with them while they get used to their new surroundings. You’ll meet your child’s key person, too, and see how they interact with them, the rest of the team, and the other children in the nursery. You can continue with a series of short sessions, each time leaving your child for slightly longer as they build their confidence, until they’re ready to start.

You and your child can take as long as you need in the settling in process – it’s all free of charge. Many of our nurseries also hold baby and toddler groups and stay and play sessions, which you’re welcome to attend in the run up to your child’s first day.

At Busy Bees, it’s all about building relationships. Your key person will work in partnership with you to make sure your journey is positive from the start. They’ll be keen to get to know your child, so you can help them find out about your child's individual routines, the people who are special to them, their likes and dislikes, and any other important information such as their special comforter, how they like to be comforted, and if they have a favourite story or activity. We will always tailor activities to suit your child’s interests throughout their time at nursery.

We can offer advice and guidance and can discuss any concerns you may have about your child starting nursery or moving from room to room and on to school.

Settling in at Busy Bees

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