40 Years of Busy Bees

Stay safe with us

At Busy Bees we are and have always been serious about the health, safety and welfare of everyone. This includes your child(ren), our staff, parents, visitors, and anyone who comes to work in our premises, including our contractors.

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We've always had your safety in mind

Our health and safety management system complies with the international standard ISO 45001.

We have a dedicated team of safety advisors that continually support and audit our premises to ensure they are complying, not only with the legal requirements but our own, higher internal hygiene, safety and health standards. We also create and provide delicious, fresh seasonal food daily through our NHS Startwell accredited menus. We are proud to display food hygiene rating awarded to all our centres by Environmental Health as it showcases our dedication to maintaining high-quality food safety and hygiene standards.

Protecting and safeguarding all the children in our care is our top priority and that’s why every Busy Bees nursery in the UK is within minutes of an automated external defibrillator (AED). We see it as part of our commitment to best practice and to deliver outstanding care to all our children, as well as protecting staff, parents and visitors.

Safety Buzz

Who is Safety with Buzz?

Safety with Buzz promotes safety, health and wellbeing in all aspects of children's lives both at home and whilst in our nursery and is designed to help children understand risks and make good decisions on how to stay safe. The programme, unique to Busy Bees provides a range of activities and information for educators and parents to use to educate their child in a positive way.

Try the below with your child to help develop their understanding of keeping themselves safe – check back as we add more activities.

To accompany the programme, each centre has a Safety Buzz plushie to further support their teaching. We also created our very own children’s book ‘Be Safe with Buzz, A walk in Busy Bees' Woods’ to help instil these safety messages with the help of Buzz and his friends.

You can use this book to encourage your child to manage risk; ask your child ‘what would Safety Buzz do?’ to help develop your child’s understanding of health, safety and wellbeing.

Watch the Be Safe with Buzz video...