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64 Elton Parade, Darlington, County Durham, DL3 8PQ

For new parent enquiries call us on 0330 333 8133

For existing parents call us on 01325 468774

Opening Times

From 07:30 to 18:00 Mon - Fri

Cares for children aged

0 - 5 years

Welcome to our nursery...

You'll find us in a beautifully kept Victorian Lodge and Coaching House surrounded by lovely, extensive walled gardens.

But it's not just for show - our environment is designed to fit the needs of our children so take a closer look, see if you can spot- as your child will surely do - the woodland area, the waterfall, the hidey holes in the hedging, the mud pits, the post box hole in the old apple tree and the story shed as well as the designated space for under twos and the big hard surfaced playground for ball games and puddles.

Why you'll love our nursery...

Children's play is infinitely complex, however a truly enabling environment ( designed for the children rather than to impress grown ups ) ensures your child's play quite naturally fulfils the requirements of the revised Early Years Foundation Stage ( EYFS). With us, your child will receive the stimulation and the positive relationships that supports feeling safe enough to explore and experiment as well as enough time to think and to 'wallow' taking as much time as they need to be:

  • Absorbed in what they are doing
  • Stimulated by the feel and smell of materials, the sounds they make - not to mention the mess!
  • To make connections with what's happened before
  • To follow a game through to a personal conclusion of their own choosing
  • To sit and watch others until they feel ready to have a go themselves
  • To take risks and make mistakes, get up and have another go
  • To move freely, with space to jump, roll, spin and dance whenever the mood takes them
  • To experiment with the language of numbers and begin to make sense of what they can do with them
  • To see comparisons all around and begin to understand why they matter
  • To have the space to build castles and villages, farms and cities and to populate them with people, cars, trains and animals - and make these do exactly as they want rather than what the grown up thinks is best
  • To be able to leave their creations there until tomorrow and carry on the game, then knock them all down and start again
  • To curl up quietly in a corner and be transported into other worlds of a lovely picture book or to create their own other world through role play - today it's the post office, tomorrow a pirate ship...
  • To write signs and notices for keeping adults out - or for inviting them to come and join in...