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Family-Fun Activities to Try This Summer

Summer provides lots of wonderful opportunities for children to explore through their senses.

Published: 15/08/2022

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In our latest blog, we’re sharing some engaging and exciting activities to try with your little one this summer.

What Shall We Wear? 

Support your child’s understanding of sun safety in this craft experience. 

What you will need 

  • Paper and pens
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Catalogue or magazines that include images of different clothing 

Safety First 
Ensure your child is supervised while using scissors. 

Step 1
Ask your child to look through catalogues and magazines and find pictures of clothing that they would like to cut out. 

Step 2
When they have cut out a few pictures, invite them to look at which ones they would wear in different weather. For example, what would they wear on a sunny day? What about if they were going to the beach? Have they cut out a sun hat that they could add to the outfit? 

Step 3
Invite your child to stick the pictures that they like to their piece of paper.  


Pour and Fill Tea Party

Develop your child’s understanding of volume and capacity as they pour drinks. Filling and pouring help to develop your child’s fine motor skills.  

What you will need 

  • Measuring jug 
  • Water
  • Range of different size cups
  • Soft toys

Safety First 
Promptly wipe up any spillages to avoid a hazard.

Step 1
Share the selection of cups with your child, encouraging them to select the biggest and smallest cup. Set out the soft toys and have a tea party. 

Step 2
Encourage your child to add water to the jug, how many cups do they think the water will fill? Why not write down your child’s predictions so they can see writing in action. 

Step 3
Add additional challenges such as ‘Bear isn’t very thirsty today, she only wants half a cup of water’. 

Top tip!

For younger children, carry out this experience during bath time, encouraging your child to explore the different sized containers. Pour the water to create a splash; can they copy your actions?


Ice Rink (Age 2+) 

This is a wonderful sensory experience that supports the use and development of new vocabulary.  

What you will need 

  • Ice (frozen the night before in several Tupperware containers) 

Safety First 
Ensure your child is supervised with ice play. Ensure that melted water is mopped up to avoid slipping hazards. 

Step 1
The day before you would like to do this experience, freeze a small amount of water in several Tupperware containers. The following day, take the frozen water out of the containers and place onto a large tray. 

Step 2
Add some of your child’s small world toys. Share the tray with your child and explain that their toys are at the ice rink today! 

Step 3
Encourage your child to play with the ice rink, encouraging the use of language such as ‘slippery’ and ‘chilly’.  


Posting Leaves (All ages) 

Support your child’s fine motor development with this garden experience. 

What you will need 

  • Baking tin
  • Three elastic bands 
  • Leaves from outside 
  • A container, bucket or bowl 

Safety First 
Ensure the rubber bands are placed firmly around the tin. Supervise at all times re-securing the bands should they come loose and ensure your child doesn’t place items in their mouth. Natural items should be clean and safe to use. Support your child to wash their hands after the experience. 

Step 1
Collect a baking tin, such as a bread loaf tin. Attach three elastic bands across the tin, creating an object that resembles a homemade guitar.

Step 2
Take the tin into your garden or outdoor space. Support your child to collect leaves and interesting natural items and place them into the container, bucket or bowl. 

Step 3
Sit with your child and demonstrate how to post the collected items into the tin, in between the elastic bands. 

Step 4
Allow your child the time and freedom to explore posting their natural items. Once they have used all their collected items, they may wish to empty the win and start again.  


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