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Money Saving Ideas for Parents

Working out how to save money while raising a family can be tricky but mastering a few money-saving techniques could make the world of difference to your family’s life. 

Published: 14/02/2023

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Raising children can be an expensive business, particularly as living costs continue to rise.

Working out how to save money while raising a family can be tricky but mastering a few money-saving techniques could make the world of difference to your family’s life. 

So, if you’re a parent looking for creative ways to save money, we’ve put together some of our best money saving tips for families. 

Simple Ways to Save Money

1. Shop Secondhand and Sell

The rate at which children grow means clothes and shoe shopping can become an expensive outgoing. 

Instead of heading straight for the high street, give secondhand a go. In charity shops, or on online marketplaces, such as Vinted or Depop, you’ll find hidden gems that have plenty of life left in them. 

Find yourself with a bag full of barely worn children’s clothes, or toys that are gathering dust? Instead of throwing these things away, why not sell them? Get little ones involved in toy clear-outs, with the incentive of making space for new toys, and perhaps a little pocket money. 

2. Save Energy at Home

Trimming down utility bills is another great way to save money and boost your budget. 

If you’re looking for simple ways to save money and get the whole family involved, start by encouraging habits such as: 

  • Turning off taps – when little ones are brushing their teeth, get them to turn the tap off rather than leaving it running
  • Switching off lights or devices – encourage children (and other adults!) to switch off devices such as televisions and flip off lights when they leave the room 
  • Washing on 30 degrees – we know how mucky life with little ones gets – which means more washing. Try switching your temperature down and using your tumble dryer less frequently. 

We’ve got a blog full of helpful ideas and tips on saving energy at home here!

3. Sign up for advantage cards

Signing up for loyalty card schemes takes a few minutes, but it’s one of the best frugal tips for families. 

Buying nappies, wipes, or toiletries from Boots? Or do your weekly big shop at Tesco? By using an advantage card, you’ll receive personalised vouchers and offers, as well as earn points for every pound you spend. 

Use these points against future purchases and receive money off your next bill or save them up and treat the family to something extra special. 

Do a lot of online shopping? Websites such as Top Cashback provide rewards for simply shopping as you normally would, by going via the link on their website – so simple!


4. Choose Free Fun

Cutting down on costs doesn’t necessarily mean cutting down on fun! 

Although holidays and entertainment are two big financial drains for families, there are creative ways to save money when it comes to keeping little ones occupied. 

As the saying goes, material things come and go but memories remain – and that is the case for children! So, instead of splurging on adventure parks or expensive holidays, why not opt for adventures or hikes with scavenger hunts and picnics, and stay-cations? 

5. Meal Plan Prep

Sadly, the UK throws away 9.52 million tonnes of food per year – the cost of that, per household is going to seriously add up! 

We also know how tricky it can be to keep little tummies full, particularly with healthy foods to support their overall growth and development.

To cut spending (and food waste!) try some of the following:

  • Meal Planning – deciding exactly what you’ll want to eat throughout the week allows you to bulk-buy ingredients which often saves money. Get the kids involved - ask what they’d like to eat and get them involved in chopping and cooking
  • Make a Shopping List (and stick to it!) – once you’ve written out your meal plan, you can write your shopping list. Doing this will mean you’re less likely to forget anything, avoiding additional trips to the supermarket which can result in buying and spending more than you need
  • Use Everything – all those tins of beans, pasta, and sauces you’ve got in the cupboard, try incorporating these into your meal plan. That way, you’ll use up what you’ve got and reduce costs when doing your weekly shopping

For more tips and advice on supporting positive eating habits, check out our blog

Let us know if you have any other amazing money saving tips for families trying to cut costs on our socials! 

We hope our tips help you with cutting costs to benefit your family! For more tips and advice – check out our blog