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Busy Bees - Inspiring Sustainable Habits for 40 Years

At Busy Bees, we have been dedicated to inspiring the next generation of global citizens for an incredible 40 years

Published: 20/09/2023

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Busy Bees

At Busy Bees, we have been dedicated to inspiring the next generation of global citizens for an incredible 40 years.  

Our commitment to giving children the best start in life goes hand-in-hand with our dedication to sustainability.  

In our final week of #SustainableSeptember we are focusing on reducing and reusing, helping us to consume fewer resources and save lots of money – and the planet. 

A Greener Planet 

Reducing and reusing are simple yet effective ways to contribute to a greener planet. By reducing our consumption and reusing items, we can decrease the demand for new products, lowering our environmental impact. 

Saving Money 

When we buy less and make use of what we already have, we save money. This can be especially important in today's world, where every penny counts. 

Teaching Future Generations 

At Busy Bees, we believe in setting an example for the next generation. By reducing and reusing in our daily lives, we demonstrate these crucial values to our children, creating a future where sustainability is second nature. 

Busy Bees: A Sustainable Journey 

Busy Bees has been at the forefront of early years care and education for four decades. Our commitment to providing children with the best start in life extends beyond preparing them for school. It also nurtures values and principles that will serve them throughout their lives. 

Reduce and Reuse in Education 

Our children learn about the importance of conserving resources through hands-on experiences, such as upcycling art projects and recycling initiatives. These lessons not only teach them about sustainability but also encourage their creativity. 

This year we have also introduced resource packs which don’t include any single use plastics, that enable the children in our centres to enjoy key calendar events like Halloween, Diwali and Christmas without adding to the environmental impact of these celebrations. 

Join Us in Reducing and Reusing 

As we conclude #SustainableSeptember, why not try some of these practical steps yourself? 

  1. Declutter Mindfully: Before having a clear out, think whether items can be repurposed or donated. Teach your children the value of giving to those in need. 
  2. Reusable Alternatives: Opt for reusable items such as water bottles, shopping bags, and lunch containers to reduce single-use plastic waste. 
  3. Support Second-Hand: Explore charity shops and second-hand markets for clothing, toys, and furniture. It's a sustainable way to find great deals. 
  4. Think before you buy: Do you really need that new Halloween costume or Christmas decoration or could you make your own, as a fun family activity?  
  5. Composting: Start a compost pile or use a food waste collection service if available in your area.  

As we wrap up #SustainableSeptember, remember that every action counts. Reducing and reusing are simple yet effective ways to make a positive impact on the environment and save money for your family.  

Busy Bees has been inspiring change for 40 years, and together, we can continue to inspire the next generation of global citizens to make a difference in the world.