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Top Five Potty Training Books for Children

Are you beginning to think your little one might be ready for toilet training? 

Published: 28/02/2023

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There’s no one-size-fits-all guide on how to navigate big milestones such as making the big step away from nappies. However, there are plenty of potty-training books to help guide children through the experience and promote the process in a fun and entertaining way! 

Here’s our guide to the best potty training books for toddlers:  

1. Potty Superstar: A Potty Training Book for Boys/Girls
Suggested Age: 12+ months 


Allow your children to join Ella and Harry on their potty training adventure – in superhero style!  

The book follows two fantastic characters who are mastering the move from nappies to the toilet, highlighting toddler triumphs that aim to reassure, encourage and celebrate the successes and accidents of toddlers learning about toilet training.  

Potty Superstar: A Potty Training Book for Boys


Your little one will explore how Ella and Harry navigate learning about potties, washing hands, and accidents, which will hopefully give your child the courage to begin their potty training experience.  

Purchase a copy of Potty Superstar: A Potty training book for girls, or Potty Superstar: A potty training book for boys from Amazon. 


2. I Want My Potty! (Little Princess)
Suggested Age: 2+ Years. 

I want my potty! (Little Princess) Book cover


The Little Princess is a well-known, long-standing favourite character in the world of children’s books. The cheeky (and sometimes stroppy) little girl is fed up with wearing nappies and being treated like a baby.  

This book offers reassurance to children who might feel nervous at the idea of making the move to the potty and aims to reduce accident anxiety.  

If you’re looking for a book that adds a little humour to the idea of potty training, the silliness of this book is perfect.  

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3. Pip and Posy: The Little Puddle 
Suggested Age: 2+ Years. 

Pip and Posy: The Little Puddl book cover


Although it may seem like potty training is over and done with once your little one has mastered using a toilet, accidents still happen! This book, featuring loveable Pip and Posy, offers toilet training advice to children who may still be struggling with the occasional accident.  

Featuring brilliant illustrations, this carefully worded story by Axel Scheffler is a perfect solution for little ones who may be worrying about feeling embarrassed or stressed about accidents.  

Pick up the reassuring toilet training book Pip and Posy: The Little Puddle from Amazon. 


4. No More Nappies
Suggested Age: 18+ Months. 


No More Nappies book cover


Take your children on Millie and Mo’s toilet training journey, with this hardy potty training book full of pockets, flaps, and turning wheels to keep little ones engaged and interested.  

It aims to simplify the potty training process and spark enthusiasm for the task.  

This Campbell Books story is a fantastic introduction to an everyday experience that all little ones will go through.  

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5. Everybody Poos
Suggested Age: 2+ Years.  

Everybody Poos book cover


A definite hit for any little one who may be coming up to the potty training phase, as all toddlers love talking about poo!  

This beautifully illustrated book looks at all kinds of different creatures’ poo – from birds to bugs - and discusses the size, shape, and where they poo.  

The aim of this straight-talking potty training book is to encourage children not to be embarrassed about bodily functions.  

Whether you’re at the beginning of the potty training journey, or perhaps your little one is unsettled about using the toilet, this book is very reassuring.  

Buy Everybody Poos from Amazon. 


And there we have it - our round up of the best books on toilet training that will encourage and help little ones on their way when it comes to using the toilet! 

For more tips and advice on potty training or any other milestones, check out our blog.