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For almost two decades, Busy Bees has been helping employers provide childcare solutions for their employees.

In all cases, from building workplace nurseries to providing childcare vouchers and enabling employees to fund their own childcare choices, companies have found that investing in childcare is a sound business decision.

Organisations operating family friendly policies, such as providing help with childcare, see a reduction in costs and increase in productivity.

Recent research by Cambridge University found that nine out of ten establishments with experience of family-friendly policies were cost effective.

Help with childcare provision was found to have a significant association with improvements in quality performance and a reduction in labour turnover. Family friendly policies were associated with above average financial performance, labour productivity, quality and sales performances.


Business Benefits

  • Easier to attract better-quality candidates when recruiting
  • Greater staff retention, lower turnover
  • More maternity leavers returning to work
  • Less absenteeism: greater productivity
  • Increased experience and qualification levels in the workforce
  • An improved company image in the marketplace

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