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What's on the menu?

We provide fresh and tasty breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks for every child at every Busy Bees nursery.

Our six-weekly seasonal menus are healthy, varied, and NHS approved, planned with care by our catering team and freshly prepared by our on-site chefs. Once a menu finishes, we talk to parents and our nursery educators to gather feedback before planning the next one – that way, we can make doubly sure your child is getting plenty of yummy food they love.

What's on the menu changes from season to season, but a typical day starts with fresh fruit with cereal or porridge. Depending on the time of year, lunch could be anything from yummy casseroles or hearty pies to Spanish paella or delicious hotpots, and we always serve lots of fresh vegetables on the side. In the early evening we serve light meals like soups and sandwiches along with veggie sticks, dips, or a healthy starter. And on a few days each week, we treat children to homemade puddings too.

We've spent decades feeding thousands of children aged 5 and under, so we know better than anyone that food can sometimes be a little tricky. We also take extra special care to cater for dietary requirements, cultural food choices, allergies, and fussy eaters. There's a veggie alternative every day of the week, and we carefully highlight any allergens on all of our menus. We share all of our menus right here, so you can take a look at what your child's eating anytime.

At Busy Bees, every child can look forward to tasty meals they love to eat. Take a peek at our menus below and, if you'd like to speak to someone about your child's diet, talk to your local nursery.

Some of our amazing food