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Busy Bees at Norwich Meridian

5 Meridian Way, Meridian Business Park, Norwich, Norfolk, NR7 0TA

For new parent enquiries call us on 0330 333 8133

For existing parents call Danielle on 01603 709077

Opening Times

From 07:30 to 18:00 Mon - Fri

Cares for children aged

0-5 years

Welcome to our nursery...

Busy Bees at Norwich Meridian is a purpose built nursery which opened n 2003, situated on Meridian Business Park, with easy access to the A47.

The nursery is spilt into 4 age groups, across one level. Babies and Tweenie’s have 3 rooms each to explore, which are designed to meet all of the children’s needs, whether they are mobile yet or at the stage of wanting to explore all areas! Each baby follows their own routine from home whilst in our care, we feel that this is extremely important for the babies and parents as it fosters a sense of security and provides consistency, enabling us to work in partnership with parents from the very beginning.  Both age groups have access to their own garden throughout the day where a variety of experiences and play opportunities are provided.

2-3’s and Preschool each have 2 large rooms filled with exciting, stimulating opportunities and their own large garden areas too. Each of the rooms is spacious and the children can choose throughout the day which activity they would like to play at or area to explore.

We are a Tiny Talk accredited nursery, which means the staff team are qualified in baby signing. Baby signing provides opportunities for pre-verbal children to express their needs, feelings and wishes. We believe that baby sign supports speech development, language understanding and early communication.

Our Nursery Chef Darren and our Assistant Chef Tina are committed to cooking delicious nutritious food for all  of the children in our care, whatever their dietary needs.

Every day is an opportunity to learn through play and the team at Norwich Meridian look forward to welcoming you to the nursery

Why you'll love our nursery...


  • 5 star rating from EHO
  • Busy Babies initiative to stimulate your baby's senses
  • A purpose-built 112-place nursery with 2 warm, nurturing rooms for children aged 0-2 years, a bright stimulating toddler area and another exciting pre-school room which all are perfect for preparing each child for the next stage of their education
  • A large outdoor area which is full of exciting opportunities for the children to explore. We are particularly proud of the large garden and varied play equipment. We encourage children to free-flow through their own rooms and their outside play areas
  • Extended opening hours from 7.30am - 6.00pm, Monday - Friday (except Bank Holidays) which are designed to give parents the greatest flexibility
  • A private car park near the front door which helps make visits to the nursery stress free
  • Nutritious meals which are included at no extra charge and are freshly prepared and served daily by our qualified cook
  • Caring qualified staff who strive to ensure each child is happy, well cared for and fully supported as they grow and learn
  • Complimentary KIT sessions - See our news archive 


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