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Personal Hygiene Habits for Children

Teaching your children practical life skills and laying the foundation for good personal hygiene for life.

Published: 06/07/2023

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Good Personal Hygiene Habits for Children

Teaching your children the basics of good personal hygiene from an early age is something they will carry through life with them, and is crucial for their overall well-being.

Laying the foundation of healthy hygiene habits when they are young can help in protecting them against nasty germs and bugs as they grow, explore, and develop.  

Germs are unavoidable for everyone, particularly children. However, there is a lot you can do to help keep your little ones safer through good hygiene. Let’s dive in and discover the secrets to a healthy and happy hygiene routine!  

Tips for Encouraging Good Personal Hygiene for Kids

Make it a Game

All children love games! So why not turn to keep clean into one? Transform mundane tasks like brushing teeth or washing hands into exciting challenges.  

You can set a timer and challenge your children to complete it before it goes off. There are toothbrushes available to buy that play music or have flashing lights to make brushing enjoyable. When it comes to handwashing, sing a song they know together for the time needed to give their little hands a good scrub!  

Turning healthy hygiene habits into games adds an element of fun and encourages children to look forward to these routines.  

Lead by Example

Children learn from the behaviour they see around them, so by practising good personal hygiene around them, you’re setting a positive example for your child to follow.  

Let them see you washing your hands thoroughly (even while singing a song!) or brushing your teeth. By engaging in these activities together, you make it a bonding experience while reinforcing the importance of healthy hygiene habits. 

Reward System

Positive reinforcement can work wonders in encouraging good habits. Create a reward system for your children’s hygiene habits to make the experience positive and motivating. 

Consistent positive praise can work wonders when encouraging children to stick to good habits. Reinforcing this, by explaining what they’ve done well can help them to understand what you’re pleased about and encourages them to repeat the good behaviour or habit in the future.  

Explain Why Personal Hygiene is Important

With all of these tips in mind, it’s also important to explain why personal hygiene is important to children and when they should be putting these into play. For example, letting them know that they should be washing their hands after going to the toilet, touching pets or animals, before eating, or playing outside.  

Healthy Hygiene Habits in Busy Bees Nurseries

The health and well-being of your children are our priority when in our care. Through a combination of education, guidance, and a healthy environment, Busy Bees nurseries instil essential habits that promote personal hygiene.  

Our dedicated staff members teach children why hygiene is important, through regular handwashing and encouraging children to cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing.  

The nurseries themselves maintain a clean and safe environment, teaching children the importance of cleanliness by involving them in tidying up activities.  

To learn more about our nurseries, find your local nursery and book a visit to meet the team and view the facilities, get in touch by booking a visit today.