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Top Ten Items For a Newborn List

A newborn shopping list to help overwhelmed (and excited!) parents.

Published: 08/03/2023

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It’s an exciting time when expecting a new baby – but it can also feel overwhelming. With hundreds of fantastic products on the market, it’s difficult to know what the must-haves for new parents are (and the things you might not actually need!) 

We’ve put together a newborn shopping list to help overwhelmed (and excited) parents!

Don’t forget to check that all your purchases are from a reputable supplier or stockist and that all equipment meets the relevant safety and quality standards. 

Here are our top ten baby must-haves for first-time parents:  

Essentials for New Parents


1. Baby Clothes

It might seem like we’re stating the obvious with this one, but it’s natural to get carried away when shopping for teeny tiny baby clothes.  

It’s easy to get caught up in what’s extremely cute and forget that the main thing you’ll be looking for once your little one is here is ease and comfort.  

For the first few weeks to the first couple of months, your ideal baby wardrobe should be soft, durable clothing that can withstand lots of washes. 

2. Sleep Essentials

Sleep – something you won’t realise is such a hot topic of conversation until you have a baby! When it comes to newborn shopping and planning their sleeping arrangements, consider the following:

Crib or Moses Basket and Mattress 

Most parents will start with the Moses basket or crib in their bedroom, before moving their baby into their own room. It’s also a good idea to pick up well-fitted waterproof under sheets and cotton fitted sheets.  

Cellular Blankets  

There are lots of beautiful blankets available to buy, however, it’s recommended that if you're going to use a blanket to keep your baby warm at night, then opt for a cellular option. The holes are essential for maintaining airflow and helping to keep your baby at the right temperature. 


Room Thermometer  

The ideal temperature for a baby to sleep is between 16-20 degrees Celsius. Picking up a room thermometer can help you to know whether you need to pop on a fan or open a window, or alternatively whether you need to add a blanket.  


Baby Monitor  

Although your little one will probably be in your bedroom for the first few months, it’s a good idea to pick up a baby monitor to have for naptimes.  


3. Changing Basket Essentials

Getting together a changing basket and bag is a great way to prepare for your newborn’s arrival. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, but the following are essentials:  

First-size nappies (disposable or cloth) 

Cotton wool or water wipes 

Nappy rash cream 

Changing mat  

Nappy sacks  


4. Getting Around

You’re going to need to consider how you’ll plan on getting out and about – whether that’s in a car, walking, or taking public transport. The following are must-have items for first-time parents:  

Car Seat 

Regulations have changed over the years, but a safe car seat is mandatory for those wishing to travel by car with a baby.  


The choice of pushchairs is huge, from lightweight strollers to double buggies. Choosing the right pushchair for you can make your life so much easier.  

Baby Carrier 

Keep your hands free and let your baby snuggle close with a baby carrier! Ensure you get a well-fitted one that provides the right support for your growing baby. 


5. Breast and Bottle Feeding

How ever you choose to feed your baby, it’s important to be prepared – it’s something you’ll spend a whole lot of time doing. To keep your baby fed you might need:  




Muslin cloths 

Breast Pump 

Nursing pads 

Nipple cream  

Nursing bras 

6. Solid Feeding

When your little one hits the six-month mark, they’ll probably be ready to embark on the next phase of their feeding journey – solid foods! 

To help facilitate this milestone, you’ll need:  

Plates, Bowls, and Spoons 

Bio-plastic ones are easy to wash and can withstand being dropped by little hands!  


Either a free-standing one with a tray or one which attaches to an existing chair.  


Waterproof bibs are great as they wipe clean and keep clothes dry.  


Sippy Cups  

Training sippy cups with handles allow little ones to get to grips with drinking independently.  


7. Bath time

Baths are a great part of any baby’s routine – plus, who doesn’t love that fresh-baby smell? You’ll need:  

Baby Bath 

Many have an inbuilt support at the base and a grippy back to make the bath a comfortable and safe experience.  


Baby Soap  

Something gentle and fragrance-free for your baby’s skin and hair.  



Any bath towels you have at home will be fine, just ensure they’re soft and freshly washed. Alternatively, hooded baby towels are great.  


Bath Toys 

Engage your little one in water play with floating bath toys. 


8. Entertainment and Toys

In the newborn stage, your baby won’t need a lot of playthings, they’re much more interested in sleeping, eating, and cuddling. However, as they become more aware, rattles, musical toys, and black-and-white sensory toys are a great way of entertaining them.  

Some other great forms of entertainment you might want to put on your newborn shopping list are:  

Spinning or singing mobile 

Soft play mat 

Baby swing  

Activity centre 

9. Safety

Again, your little one won’t be on the move for a good few months, but it’s a good idea to be prepared as you’ll have much less time on your hands once they’re born. Once they start crawling and walking you might want to consider:  

Stair Gates  

A must-have for stairs but can also be used to block off access to areas that are less safe such as kitchens or bathrooms.  


Cupboard and Draw Latches 

There are lots of types of latches available, all of which offer peace of mind for parents who want to keep curious hands out of harm’s way.  


Wall Anchors  

As your little one learns to stand up and walk, you’ll find they pull themselves up on almost anything. To avoid any falling furniture, it’s a good idea to use wall anchors.  


10. Health

Although you’ll do anything to keep your baby healthy, you can always expect them to get a cough or cold. It’s a good idea to gather the following to ensure you’ve got what you need to remedy these:  

Nasal Aspirator  

Saline drops and a nasal aspirator can help clear your little one’s blocked nose.  


First Aid Kit  

A thermometer, antiseptic cream, and bandages are good staples to have as part of a first aid kit.  


Baby Nail Scissors or File  

Those tiny little fingernails grow fast and can be sharp – having a file or some baby nail scissors to hand can help with avoiding little scratches to their face and body.  


So, there you have it, our essentials for new parents. Although it might seem like a lot to consider, it’s important to remember that you don’t need to buy everything all at once – each situation is different and as long as you have the basics, your baby will be perfectly happy.  

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