40 Years of Busy Bees

Centre Director looks back over the 30 years with Busy Bees

Our Centre Director at Busy Bees Perivale, Denise Arbouine joined Busy Bees 30 years ago

Published: 21/11/2023

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Our Centre Director at Busy Bees Perivale, Denise Arbouine joined Busy Bees 30 years ago as an educator (or Nursery Nurse as it would have been known at that time) and gradually worked her way up to manage the nursery.

Denise takes such pride in her role working with the countless children that have journeyed through the nursery and progressed onto the next stage in life.

She has poured her heart into her career, not only supporting children but her colleagues within the local area too, sharing best practice and wisdom.

It is our privilege to celebrate Denise’s special milestone and we are so proud of everything she has achieved to date.  

Introduce your name, role and how long you’ve worked for Busy Bees?

My name is Denise Arbouine, I am the Centre Director at Busy Bees in Perivale and have worked for Busy Bees for 30 years.  

Where did you start and where are you now?  

I started working at Busy Bees Perivale as a Nursery Nurse after I completed my NNEB in 1993, and over time I progressed to Centre Director. In recent years I have also had the opportunity to support at a couple of centres.  

Tell us one of your most memorable moments?  

The children’s graduation ceremonies are always very memorable. It’s so special to see the children ready for their next stage in life, knowing that the environment and culture that we created has helped to prepare them for this. It is a lovely moment for both staff and parents to celebrate the children’s achievements and reflect on the memories shared. 

Tell us your proudest achievement working at Busy Bees?   

I feel most proud when I receive positive feedback from a parent – whether it is online or in person. It’s always rewarding to know the impact we have had on their child’s early years preparing them for school or their next stage in life.   

How has Busy Bees changed since you started and what hasn’t changed?  

Practically everything has changed over the years including the systems, planning, environments, however I feel that children are still and always will be at the centre of Busy Bees’ vision.  

What kept you at Busy Bees all these years?  

The simple answer is the children.  

What's the best part of working with children for you?  

When you walk into a room and see the children engaged and enjoying what they are doing. Even on the toughest of days it is lovely to go and spend time with the children, just talking or reading a story.  

What's a valuable lesson you've learned from the children you've cared for?  

That they are all unique, that much like adults, children all have their individual personalities, wants, and needs.  

What advice would you give to someone just starting their career at Busy Bees?  

That is a very rewarding career, it is not just a job but should be seen as vocation and that your actions make a difference to the children’s lives.  

Looking back, what legacy do you hope to leave behind after your time at Busy Bees?  

That I have provided an enriching environment to give all the children I have cared for the very best start in life. 


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