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Bucket List Quiz for Pre-Schoolers

At Busy Bees, we understand how important it is for children to experience new things in their early years and we encourage all our children to try as much as possible to help their development.

Our recent research showed parents are keen to make up for lost time due to the pandemic, which is why we’re building in extra activities to provide our children with the additional support they need.

We’ve worked with our parents to develop a list of the top 30 things children ‘must do’ before they start school - from swimming in a pool to visiting a toy shop.

If you’re curious about how many of these your child has already experienced, take our quiz and tick off as many as you can.

Are you a bucket beginner or a list lover? Find out below - and don’t forget to share and save your results so you can keep ticking activities off the list!

We hope this provides some inspiration for family-friendly activities to take away over the coming summer months. Visit our blog here for more inspiration, as well as tips and hints from our experts on all things childcare.