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Busy Bees Barrs Court, Bristol

Stoneleigh Drive

Barrs Court


BS30 7EJ

0117 9677840

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Lori E.


"The staff in the rooms are all really really lovely and have always been great with my kids. They are so patient and friendly and it’s really nice to talk to them during drop off and pick up. I also love the updates and photos they provide on parent zone, it looks like so much fun and they have a really exciting ‘curriculum’. There are some issues that have detracted from our experience. There is a really quick turn over of staff, especially management and I’ve found it hard to keep up with who their key person is as it has often not been communicated to us when there’s been a change. I have found some of the admin team slightly rude at times but they are effective at getting any issues and standard government funding sorted. Inclusion and reasonable adjustments for SEND children requires improvement especially in terms of timescales for implementing changes or applying for additional funding and EHCPs."