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Busy Bees at Mardley Hill

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Buzz And Friend


Samantha S.


"Extortionate pricing takes the shine off the good childcare, which could never live up to the sky high prices. Seems to be a pretty high staff turnover despite the high costs so doesn’t look like money being spent to motivate and retain staff. "

Jenni G.


"Both of my kids attended Mardley Hill nursery and it was an amazing experience for them. The staff are very friendly, kind and supportive. Highly recommended "

Ruth D.


"I am proud that my daughter goes to Busy Bees at Mardley Hill. The staff go above and beyond to ensure the wellbeing, education and health of the children comes first. I am very happy with the care provided and the teachers are fab"

Serdal Y.


"Absolutely unbelievable care. On our second child going through busy bees now and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s an extended family and our family are simply loved! Thank you!! Serdal Yanmaz"

Samantha S.


"Everything about this nursery is amazing. They truly go above and beyond in everything they do to make this experience and chapter of our lives for my family outstanding! The team are so friendly and welcoming and support every need and request. The food/ menu on offer is fantastic and the environments have great activities and opportunities for my child to grow and flourish! I’m so thankful for everything they do! Fantastic nursery and I would recommend them to everyone!"