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Outstanding Ofsted rating for Montessori by Busy Bees St Albans Hatfield Road

Published: 03/05/2023

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Montessori by Busy Bees St Albans Hatfield Road nursery has secured a second ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating, with recognition for its strong parent partnership.

An Ofsted inspection at the centre on 22 March found that children ‘flourish and thrive in this amazing nursery’ supported by ‘staff who nurture and encourage them’.

Retaining its ‘Outstanding’ rating in all areas, the nursery received praise for ‘ensuring every child reaches their full potential’ and delivering a curriculum that ‘ignites children’s interest to explore and show curiosity in their environment’.

The Ofsted inspector commented that the parent partnership is a ‘major strength’ with parents praising staff and talking about the ‘exceptional progress’ their children make.

Parents feel fully involved in the nursery and are willing to support learning. An example of this excellent relationship, cited by the inspection, was a dentist parent visiting to talk to children about oral hygiene and cleaning their teeth.

The inspector noted that ‘children explore with awe and wonder’ in the inviting nursery environment, with babies enjoying a wide range of songs and rhymes while older children ‘revisit previous learning to further embed their knowledge’.

There was specific praise for the ‘exceptional’ support offered to children who speak English as an additional language, with all children described as having ‘a strong sense of belonging’.

The nursery’s special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCo) was identified as having a ‘clear passion’ for the role, ensuring all staff understood the plans and targets of individual children to enable them to make ‘excellent progress’.

Ramesh Assadi, Centre Director at Montessori by Busy Bees St Albans Hatfield Road, said: “We are thrilled to retain our Outstanding Ofsted rating, recognising the continued quality of care and education that we provide.

“Our valuable relationship with parents allows us to work in partnership, ensuring they are fully reassured about the care and education provided for their children while my team and I focus on making sure every child receives the very best start in life.”

The Ofsted inspector also commented positively on the leadership of Ramesh Assadi for her ‘commitment to ensuring every child reaches their full potential’ and her management of the valued staff team to ‘work highly effectively together’ helping ‘to provide a first-class learning environment for the children’.

The full report can be viewed here

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