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The Benefits of Outdoor Play

Did you know nearly two thirds (63%) of parents are less likely to play outdoors with their child/children as the weather turns colder?

Published: 01/12/2022

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There are so many benefits of exploring and playing in an outside environment and each time you venture out, there is the potential for a completely different experience. 

So why is outdoor play so important? Read our blog to find out more. 


1. Wellbeing

Being in an outdoor environment has been shown to have a positive impact on children’s wellbeing. Attributes such as resilience, self-esteem and confidence are all promoted through outdoor play which all have a positive impact on children’s overall wellbeing.  

Children often feel freer in outdoor space and more at ease with themselves. In fact, studies show that people’s levels of the stress hormone cortisol are lower when in an outdoor environment. 


2. Communication

Children ask more questions outdoors than they do indoors. The environment is constantly changing, giving more opportunities to introduce and use a wider range of vocabulary and provoke more interesting conversations.  


3. Manage Risks Safely

There are more opportunities for children to learn to manage risks safely and develop resilience. The surfaces change in poorer weather which allows children to develop their motor skills such as the ability to balance and manoeuvre around objects either on foot or on a piece of equipment. It also develops their coordination and their reaction time.  


4. Social Skills

The social dynamics of being outside are different to those inside which allows children to explore and develop relationships in different ways; often children show more confidence with their peers while outside.  


5. Physical Development

Children are who walking need to have at least three hours of rigorous physical exercise to support typical development. Outdoor spaces provide opportunities for children to engage in different types of physical experiences such as rolling, climbing, balancing, running, and crawling. These experiences support children’s development in a variety of ways including balance and spatial awareness.  

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Spending Time Outdoors 

At Busy Bees, children are encouraged to spend time outside in all weathers. Access to fresh air can boost their immune system and exploring through different seasons supports your child’s understanding of the world around them and allows them to connect with nature.  

Don’t forget, it’s important to create a safe outdoor environment for you and your child including assessing equipment, plants and pathways. Our educators always risk assess outdoor spaces before going outside. This includes checking the UV rating and assessing if the weather conditions are safe for children to explore.  

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