About Us

For many working parents, childcare can be a daunting prospect and doesn't always go to plan. This is where Busy Bess At Work comes in.

We are the Corporate Wellbeing service of Busy Bees, The UK's leading nursery group with nearly 400 nurseries. It is our aim to provide exceptional, affordable, and convenient childcare for companies and their employees. This could be in a variety of formats from your own nursery to special partner fees in any of our nurseries.

We believe there are so many reasons to add company childcare to your benefits, and even more to choose Busy Bees at Work. The heritage of Busy Bees and its core values to give every child 'the best start in life' sets us apart.

With your vison and our solutions, you can help hire and retain talent, save your employees money, assist women returning to their careers and generally improve the performance of your workplace.

Our values are fundamental beliefs that form the foundation on which we perform and conduct ourselves. We would like to invite everyone to live our values every day.

Our Values

Our Values


We take care of the children entrusted to us and our dedicated staff. All are appreciated and diversity is valued


We maintain the highest standards in care and safety and provide exceptional early years education


We provide exceptional service and are integral to supporting parents bringing up children


We provide outstanding value for our families