Employer Frequently Asked Questions

Our research shows increased loyalty from employees that feel supported outside of their workplace. This in turn:

  • Improves performance.
  • Reduces absenteeism.
  • Helps attract and retain talent.

There are many excellent rewards/benefits, but childcare is one that consistently appears on employee surveys. Childcare is a must for many employees now, rather than for the future. It will have an immediate effect

Women are naturally at a disadvantage when starting a family. Our research shows that only 25% of women return to work after having a baby. Quality childcare will enable all parents to return to work in the way that suits them best.

We are the UK's largest childcare provider with over 400 nurseries, but we been delivering high quality childcare since 1983. Our mission is to give every child the best start in life, through world-classs centres, people, and education.

Yes, we have a product called a 'bought in place' that means a place will be available whenever an employee needs it.

Yes, we run many onsite nurseries for companies. The beauty of a partnership with Busy Bees is that our expertise takes out all the hassle for you.

No, it does not. It can gift childcare, or it can facilitate a discount for its employees. There are many options.

Busy Bees cannot give tax advice and we recommend you seek guidance from a specialist.

Yes, and we have a payments team that can guide parents and work with their government childcare support.

All permanent employees of the registered company are eligible.

97% of our nurseries are rated Good or Outstanding. Furthermore, the Ofsted rating for each of our centres is listed on the nursery webpage and you can read the individual reports at the Ofsted website.

We maintain checks with parents benefiting from a corporate discount. If they cannot confirm they are still an employee, they will no longer receive the benefit.