Back Up Care

Being a parent is not always straightforward and new modern working practices add even more variation. Our back-up care' could help someone cover a late planned workday away, or even plan an event in the future where you don't have childcare cover.

You can offer your employees a number of childcare days that they then use at their convenience. Our teams manage the process and turn a difficult situation into a stress-free one, all supported and paid for by you, the employer.

Rest assured, when a parent uses this product, they will go through the same enrolment process as any child that puts the safeguarding of the child a priority. This includes dietary requirements and any special education needs.

Packages can be designed for all types of business and employee requirements and back up care days are a worthwhile addition to a partner fee agreement.



Company signs partnership agreement


Busy Bees support launch of new benefit and offer of childcare days to all employees


Employee requests to enrol in childcare days support


Employee makes enquiry to centre online


Childcare day availability is confirmed


Parent brings child to nursery


Use of day accounted for and invoiced to company