Bought in Place and Retained Place

With almost 400 Busy Bees nurseries spread across the UK, it could be that we already run a centre close to your workplace. If that's the case, you can give the excellent benefit of a company owned place in that centre.

Save your team time and money, and help arrange stress-free childcare by using reserved spaces at a chosen nursery.

A Bought In Place is investing in a full year's place at a centre and gifting at no cost to your employees. That place is there permanently to be used by single or multiple children as long as it stays within 1 FTE.

FTE is Full Time Equivalent, 5 full days. It could be that 2 people use if for 2.5 days which equates to 1 full FTE.

The key benefit to employees of a bought in place is that the company covers the cost, but if you need the employee to pay for their childcare, then a Retained Place is the next option.

A Retained Place is investing in a place at a centre to guarantee availability. It will be held until an employee takes the place, and they then take on the cost. Your retained place then moves and holds another place ready for the next employee.

The key difference of a retained place is it's a much lower cost for the employer to a bought in place but still guarantees availability.



Company signs partnership agreement


Locations and price of places pre agreed


Busy Bees support launch of new benefit


Company and Busy Bees identifies potential users of places


Places ready to use


Parent enrols to Busy Bees