Partner Fees

Make your team's childcare more affordable with our special Partner Fees. An easy and flexible start into childcare support for your employees.

A Partner Fee agreement will unlock issues that parents in your business will have come to their line managers with. It will give you the following:

a) Discounted fees in any of our UK centres

b) Parent Support tools from our UP digital programme

Because the discount can be used in any of our centres, this product is particularly useful if you have a national workforce. You can choose from between 5% and 20% discount (price will change accordingly).

We make sure this product is easily manageable for you the employer and for any employees enrolling.

Administration is very light and once the agreement is set up, we will keep you up to date with its performance every quarter.

Key Features of a Partner Fee Agreement

  • Easy to access discount
  • 2-year agreement
  • Complete marketing launch
  • Quarterly usage reports
  • Incentives for new enrolments
  • Inclusive for any existing parents
  • Ability to upgrade during term



Company signs partnership agreement


Busy Bees support launch of new benefit


Any employee makes enquiry to centre online or in person


Notifies of discount eligibility


Parent enrols to Busy Bees


Discount applied