Your Busy Bees Nursery

Bring brilliant Busy Bees childcare into the workplace with your very own managed nursery. It might be in your company HQ, or just off premises - wherever you need it, we can set it up, staff, and manage the entire process. There are many ways we can help manage this partnership, with individual partnership models to suit your situation

Busy Bees Managed

  • All Capex provided by Client (Land/build/resources)
  • Annual Management fee for Busy Bees to manage nursery
  • Client bears financial risk

Busy Bees Operated

  • Land and building provided by Client
  • Busy Bees provide Capex for resources only
  • Busy Bees bears financial risk with support from client

Busy Bees Complete

  • Land provided by Client
  • Build and resources funded by Busy Bees
  • Busy Bees bears financial risk

We are open to consider all partnership options, for example you may want it to be exclusively for your employees or also available to the local community. We can develop a redundant space or even manage a brand-new centre build for you.

To ensure success of your new Busy Bees Nursery we will treat it like one of our own. This means exceptional design and quality standards, plus a comprehensive support network including:

a. Managing parents, enquiries, child enrolment and fee collections

b. Dedicated quality, safety, and people advisors

c. Team management and education



Client interested in partnership


Engage with Busy Bees property team to audit viability


Results and solutions shared with client


Agree partnership model and start process


Opportunity for temporary nursery in the interim