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Busy Bees at Midlothian Hopefield Castle

Cockpen Rd


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Buzz And Friend


Jacqueline F.


"The car park is in need of some repair works - I was hoping this would have been carried out since busy bees taking over. Along with compulsory reverse parking during pick up and drop off to avoid risk of incidents - having witnessed a few near misses. In winter the car park is also very poorly lit - this could be addressed as well now Busy Bee’s have taken over. Tonight as an example the car park was full and no lights were on at 5:20pm. I had to ask for these to be put on - I would expect these to be on a timer or turned on by 4pm as a minimum. With the exception of the staffing update this week, the communications around staff members leaving is poor. Largely parents are told by the staff member on their last week or learn of departures by overhearing conversations / staff photos disappearing from the window. Observations and handovers could also be better and more frequent. I have not had any contact with my child’s key worker since the summer. I have raised this previously and understand that this isn’t the policy at hopefield castle due to the fact that all staff interact with all children however it still seems to vary from any other nursery setting that friends are using for their children. Drawing a direct comparison with our Busy Bee’s Inverurie experience there is room for improvement for Busy Bee’s at Hopefield Castle."

Karolina R.


"I was expecting a little bit more to be honest. Like learning journey or photos or updates on wee ones development. But i cant complain really. Wee one liked the food and she liked going there. She improved her language and other skills. Overall i would recommend to a friend but there is definitely space for improvement."