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Busy Bees at Birmingham Kings Heath

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Busy Bees at Birmingham Kings Heath

146 Haunch Lane


West Midlands

B13 0PY

0121 443 2600

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Buzz And Friend


Georgina W.


"Happy, warm, affection, attentive staff. Our children are very happy here. "

Iftakar H.


"My experience as a mother with busy bees has been phenomenal from key works to the management team. Everybody is is very friendly and supportive to my child. I even have to use key workers names as a bargaining power to get Lara to eat her food the days she’s not at nursery. I often say ‘come on Lara if you eat all you dinner we can go and see Lucy’ and she immediately smiles and eats. That’s a clear indication to me that Lara loves Lucy her key worker and from the app I can see Lucy is really taking care of Lara’s development. Lara also says ’Cole’ which I’m guessing it’s Nicole so I believe Both Nicola and Lucy are doing a fantastic job looking after Lara. Thank you all for such a great environment that you have created to help Lara develop to her full potential. Iftakar "

Rachel M.


"Busy Bees has been a wonderful nursery for our two daughters.The staff are warm, friendly, kind and professional. They make a special effort to know the children in their care. My daughters have felt safe, happy, nurtured and my eldest has been very well prepared for the next step to primary school. The level of communication between staff and parents has been super.I know she will miss this lovely community but will leave full of curiosity and confidence thanks to all who work at Busy Bees!"

Katharina K.


"Lovely staff who really care for the kids "

Nadene J.


"Great Bumbos room. GG and Chloe make a great team. Chloe, communicates so well through the ParentZone app. Bev, Naomi and Kristina all give us such a warm and relaxed feeling about our child’s welfare. Nicole and Anna still check on our child regularly despite not being in the same room. There are so many wonderful staff that clearly care. We are very happy."