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Busy Bees Glasgow Oakwood

7 Lochbrae Drive

Burnside, Rutherglen


G73 5QL

0141 631 3331

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Buzz And Friend


Yvonne S.


"Freddie attends holiday club/camp and he absolutely loves coming to Oakwood. I feel at ease when he is here due to the level of care and I know he is well looked after so don’t have to worry when at work. All the ladies are amazing, positive with kids and very nurturing. They have a great variety of trips on these days. Thanks ☺️ "

Sarah T.


"During the first 18 months of busy bees takeover of Glasgow oakwood I was extremely disappointed at the poor management of the nursery. However in recent months it has been much better and the staff have all been great, communication has greatly improved and the nursery seems to be back on its feet and more learning based. I don't like the new parent zone app as if you have multiple children you need to log in and out to see each child. "

Eilidh L.


"My daughter always goes in and leaves very happy. Staff could be better at keeping the daily diary and observations up to date throughout the day. "

Emily S.


"Our son loves going to nursery every day. The staff are fantastic and the facilities are great! "