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Treetops Caterpillar, Deeping St James

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Treetops Caterpillar, Deeping St James

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100 Bridge Street

Deeping St James



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Buzz And Friend


Rebecca D.


"The direct nursery staff are fantastic and my child adores them. However, I've experienced conflicting and bad communication which put me in dept of fees and i keep receiving incorrect invoices. "

Beth L.


"Overall it has been fairly good for our son, particularly when he first started. Unfortunately he’s had many changes in his key person over the past few weeks so has struggled a little bit with finding a bond and for me to know who to communicate with about his day. It will be wonderful when we can start coming in through the gate and garden again to drop off as the handover in the mornings can be quite stressful with long queues. The ladies are very helpful and friendly."

Katy L.


"Our son has thoroughly enjoyed his time spent at nursery and has such a strong foundation to begin his school journey on thanks to all the learning and playing he has done with you. We’ve always left him in such kind, caring and trustworthy hands. There have been issues with invoicing otherwise we’d love to have given you 5 stars."